New Public Art to Honor Amy

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On Sunday (May 19th, 2019), a new piece of public art will be unveiled in Lincoln Park’s Grandmother’s Garden, near the intersection of Fullerton Avenue and Stockton Drive, in celebration of Rosenthal’s life.

It was commissioned by her husband. It will be a yellow glass umbrella.

“The yellow umbrella has become her legacy or her symbol,” Jason Rosenthal told me Monday. “It’s something that’s been associated with her and her message and her work. Right away, in one form or another, I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do.”

He worked with Chicago artist Susan Giles and Space Haus, a Chicago-based design and production studio to bring the umbrella to fruition. He raised private dollars. He got the blessings of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Park District and a committee overseeing public art installations in the parks.

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Ruby Western